Welcome to Gamer Complete! Born out of our own experience as avid gamers, we recognized a gap in the market for nutrition tailored to the needs of esports enthusiasts. Fueled by our passion for gaming, we set out to create a solution that didn't exist before. Gamer Complete is the result – a brand dedicated to providing the nutritional support gamers deserve. Join us on our journey to optimize gaming performance!

The eDGE Gamer 

eDGE will be the first and flagship product for the brand, but we envision a complete offering of nutritional supplements in our lineup. Including: hydration, multivitamin, fish oil, joint support, eye support, meal replacement, and protein supplements.


We decided to start with eDGE, a nootropic, because as a gamer, the brain is the muscle behind the esports athlete’s performance. eDGE fuels the brain to support reaction time, memory formation, and place the gamer in a flow state where they can react and learn at an optimal level.

Our Mission 

The mission is to produce natural, clean supplements for the health minded gamer. Competitive products might rely on flashy labels with highly caffeinated energy drinks to catch the attention of their customers, but that’s not the purpose of eDGE, or Gamer Complete’s future products.


Our goal is to create products that are geared toward the specific needs of gamers, with their well-being and longevity first and foremost. You will not find artificial ingredients, fillers, proprietary blends, or dyes in our products. 


Nutrition and exercise has become a huge part of just about every professional gamer’s daily routine. 


But Why? 


Because science has shown that in order for them to perform at the highest level, they need to keep their body in shape. Gamer Complete will fill the nutritional needs of these individuals, and eDGE is the beginning of that lineup.